Most companies making the commitment to the Internet evolve their web presence by going through these stages.

  • Public relations disclosure, displaying the organizations marketing information, like brochures and data sheets.

  • Intranets are used to create "virtual departments" for interactive collaboration and exchange of information within the enterprise.

  • e-commerce provides a mechanism for world-wide transacting of products and services.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Relationship Management (CRM & PRM), and other web applications. To collect, organize and communicate information (in real time) critical to supporting on-going corporate initiatives and "personalized" relationship management (customers and business partners).

  • Seamless integration with corporate databases (legacy, client/server and web applications) and strategic integration with other web services permit enterprises to enjoy complete business processes that reside on the web.

rpti can help you create the best usage of the Internet to communicate, process and share information with your employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. In turn, developing closer relationships with all of your communities of interest.