If you have candidates who qualify for any of our positions and are interested in working with Resources of Productive Technology, Inc., we would be happy to discuss working with you. In order to insure a smooth and efficient working relationship, please review rpti's minimal expectations related to the presentation and placement of your employees.

Following are the key business points to which you must adhere:

1.       rpti must have on file a current/valid copy of your company's: Articles of Incorporation Certificate of Insurance (naming rpti as additional Insured) Federal Tax Identification Number;

2.       We must have in place a fully executed contract which encompasses the terms and conditions of our business relationship;

3.       rpti must have a current/valid copy of your employee's H-1B Visa;

4.       rpti expects that candidates marketed to us for presentation to a specific client will:

o        Not be marketed by you to other consulting services for presentation to the same Client Firm

o        Be committed to rpti's opportunity for 24 hours from the time of the interview with the Client Firm;

5.       rpti expects the agreed upon pay rate to remain in effect for 12 months from the start date of the contract. Should the scope of the contract significantly change during the first 12 months, rpti will renegotiate the pay rate with the Client Firm;

6.       rpti expects you will keep us informed, on a timely basis, of any changes in the status/availability related to all employees we are presently in the process of qualifying or presenting;

7.       rpti expects your employees to complete a rpti Consultant Application form at the time they meet with the rpti technical recruiter;

8.       rpti expects you to provide three previous manager work reference letters or contact phone numbers for those employees we are planning to present to a Client Firm;

9.       rpti will process a background check on all employees hired by one of our Client Firms.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to doing business with you.