• 401(K) Retirement Account

    Choose from a wide selection of carefully monitored conservative to high-risk investment options, one of three professionally managed portfolios, or a personal choice retirement account. Online access to your account is available through a convenient user friendly interactive website. Personal advisors are also available for consultation from our third-party administrator.
  • Direct Deposit

    Electronic Fund Transfer: Automatically deposit your semi-monthly payroll into your choice of one or two banking institutions: checking, savings, money market bank or credit union accounts.
  • Section 125 Plan

    Our Section 125 Plan allows you to make pre-tax payroll deductions towards your medical and dental insurance premiums and set aside pre-tax dollars to pay your out-of-pocket dependent care expenses.
    • Pre Tax Medical Premiums
      If you do not already have individual coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield, you will need to apply and qualify for individual coverage through our Insurance broker*. This consultant coverage is only available through an individual plan; which require medical underwriting, application forms and medical questionnaires. All applications are subject to review and coverage is not guaranteed.

      *Assistance in applying for insurance is not available outside the state of California and Illinois.
    • Dependent Care Spending Account
      Save 25-50% in taxes by setting aside funds on a pre-tax basis for your dependent daycare expenses. Set aside up to $5000 per year to cover qualified dependent care expenses.
  • Life and Disability Insurance

    Individual Life and Disability Insurance are available through our Insurance broker, these are individual coverage’s requiring financial and medical underwriting, and may require a physical examination.

* Please Email Human Resources for more information regarding any of these benefits.