Our advantage is our people, and the quality of service they provide. Each rpti staff member is a knowledgeable, well prepared, and accomplished professional, capable of addressing the smallest detail of the most demanding IT requirement.

We provide our staff with continued educational programs, so they stay current on business challenges, technical issues, and new technology. Each employee has all of rptiís resources at their disposal to get the job done appropriately. Our people help the client meet critical deadlines ... finish large projects ... and meet their normal, day-to-day IT needs.

rpti oftentimes steps in and provides assistance as an organization to address the issues that are stifling the project. The customerís problems become our problem. Our resources become their resources. The experience gained from implementing solutions in varied technical environments, business industries, and technology solutions can be taken advantage of by our clients and business partners.

We are a full service technology consultancy firm. This means rpti can provide the following:

∑ Administrative communication with project stakeholders
∑ Development and testing platform
∑ Design, plan, manage, code, test, and implement the solution
∑ Administrate the vendor relationships
∑ Business continuity plan for post implementation communication