Today rpti professionals are continuously investigating how emerging technologies can benefit our clients, and therefore allowing rpti to capitalize on business opportunities enabled by technology innovations to provide clients with "first-to-market" advantage. Our experience in this area bridges the gap between "state of the art" technology and "state of the market" business solutions. In the future rpti is establishing research and development centers to flush out “best practices” with emerging technology in specific industries.

rpti is working on a standardization of business process integration protocols with the prominent web and mainframe platforms, as well as software products, making it easier to “snap” together the services needed to share information with customers and business partners.

With our ever-growing list of worldwide business partners, rpti will be able to provide turnkey solutions that are reliable and flexible, without “re-inventing the wheel”.

rpti’s explores promising new technology solutions that is currently available, but are still one to three years away from widespread adoption, and uses them to create innovative business applications for clients. Keeping rpti and it’s clients ahead of the competition with emerging technology experience. Such technologies are; Fixed Wireless (T1 network access, or greater, provided by a satellite dish), WAP development for wireless devices, and Smartcard and biometric technologies for security of wireless technology.